I have a few problems with my RV. My first clue there was a problem:

Water dripping down from the “ceiling” of the slide.

Investigation shows that there’s a rubber seal running up the sides of the slide, but not across the top. So, are the seals on the side supposed to be there or not, or is there supposed to be one along the top that’s missing? The repair guy says that the black seals are some type of patch job, installed by a prior owner after they figured out the damage they had done to the RV.

Which leads to problem number 1:


The body of the coach has “settled” or been tweaked and the slide opening in the outer wall of the RV is not square. Someone tried to cover this up by backing the metal strip away from the slide opening. They unscrewed it, moved it back half an inch or so, then re-screwed it but didn’t change the seal and of course, left a huge gap in the corner.


Problem #2 The slide floor has started separating. At first I assumed water damage, but there really isn’t any. After removing the carpet, which I was going to do anyway, I see that the issue is just that the factory NAILED wood UP into metal. Brilliant. And no way to get a good drill under there to screw it up, like it should have been.





Overall, I still have a nice home to live in, just not a very useful slide right now.