My specialty is quilt-as-you-go and I am passionate about ergonomics for sewing and quilting.

I have one ergonomics book, four quilt-as-you-go books and many very popular videos on YouTube.

Crazy Shortcut Quilts BookCrazy Shortcut Quilts is my first book and it’s a bestseller! Released in 2007 this book is still selling strong. Why? Because the ideas and techniques in it are outstanding.

Crazy quilts from fat quarters?!? Using the decorative stitches of your sewing machine to do the quilting!?! Binding all by machine – wow!

Gorgeous, decorative, easy, manageable and best of all, DONE with quilt-as-you-go.

Finish Almost Any Quilt with quilt-as-you-go
Using the same quilt-as-you-go process, and adding borders to traditional blocks, means that almost any UFO or quilt pattern can be converted to quilt-as-you-go.

This book shows how to add straight borders, wonky borders, “built-in” borders and how to set blocks on point, for new patterns or UFO’s.

Simple machine quilting techniques are described in detail and an expanded section on joining makes this book a must-have for any quilter, beginner or experienced.

Quilt As You Go {reimagined}Easy piecing and a little twist on the joining techniques creates four modern-looking quilts that are the easiest quilts we’ve ever made.

Add borders to your 5″ charms for Simply Charming; use scrap strips or pre-cuts for Aloha; stack and whack fat quarters for Mod Quad; or make a jelly roll panel for Jelly Squares. Just a simple twist does away with the obvious gridding that most quilt-as-you-go quilts have, for a smooth, blended look.

Thoroughly modern. Wonderfully simple.

T-Shirt Quilts with Quilt As You GoSave those cherished t-shirts!

Advice and techniques for stabilizing are the core of this book, with the process in the right order: stabilize first, cut second.

All the why’s and how’s are covered in making the most of your cherished T’s.

With or without a border, quilted heavily or lightly, joined easily, and binding by machine, with my tips on how to make “pretty corners” on your machine bindings.

Sew & Quilt in ComfortNothing, absolutely nothing, is easier to lose and harder to regain than health and mobility. Yet many sewing tables, chairs, machines and tools are more likely to cause pain and injury than they should.

Learn what’s most important – for YOUR body – and make the changes needed to keep sewing happily and healthily for years. In quilting, one size does NOT fit all, and neither does a sewing table, chair or cutting area.

My easy, inexpensive adaptations will have you sewing comfortably for hours on end. Give yourself the gift of a properly adjusted area *before* your body starts sending those painful messages.