MM2If you need help with any concept or process in any book that I’ve written or video that I’ve posted email me at MMQuilts @ and I will help you as fast as I possibly can. Please be aware that I am often on the road, away from any internet services, but I will reply as soon as I possibly can.

If you are looking for help as a Quilt Designer, check out the For Designers pages on Quilt News.

If you are a quilt book author or pattern designer and looking to make the next step to self-publishing, downloadable patterns or video marketing, check out my pages and contact me to find out where I’m teaching and lecturing next. If you are a quilt video enthusiast – EMAIL ME!!  We have a lot to chat about  🙂

If you are a quilt teacher or shop owner and want to teach Crazy Shortcut Quilting in your area, I have the perfect package for you! I travel and present a Take & Teach that will have you making money from my quilt-as-you-go techniques in a very short period of time. No licensing fees, no complicated contracts, just everything you need to start teaching as soon as possible. Send me an email and let’s plan your class!

If you are traveling to Alaska and want to know about anything up here, email me!  I LOVE talking about Alaska.

I maintain a website for the Buchanan commercial fishing family, who fish for wild Alaskan Salmon out of Seward, Alaska. If you are looking for a job commercial fishing in Alaska, walk the docks.  Nothing will get you hired faster than being in the right place at the right time. Check out more of that lifestyle on Tom’s website and blog at

If you are an RV’er or have have pet rabbits – send me an email!   Let’s talk travel and bunnies!

If you are none of the above and just want to chat, I am waiting to hear from you.  Please email me. You won’t find a phone number on any of my websites because I live in Alaska and the time difference for most people makes phone conversation difficult but I am open to online chat (Yahoo or GMail) and video chat using Google+ Hangouts.