I have lived in Alaska for 39 years and traveled the state quite a bit, by car, plane, RV, hiking, kayaking and boat. I have been a quilter for 20+ years and have taught quilting throughout the state.

I am your experienced, insightful, guide to Quilting in Alaska. If you need help navigating or planning travel in the state that is related to quilting, please contact me. Below is a map of guilds (salmon colored bubbles); shops (blue) and shows (violet) to help you understand where things are. Not all places are on the road system but I can help you plan the best way to get to where you want to go.

When I host first time visitors, I start by telling them that if you can’t spend a year, you can’t see it all. Pick the one thing you want to see or do the most: see Denali; catch a salmon; see a bear; see a glacier; see whales? They all are best done at very different times of the year, in places hundreds of miles apart with very different accessibility options.

I’ve seen tourist cry from spending thousands of dollars and not getting to do the one thing they wanted, because of their planning, or worse, they are injured because they don’t understand that in Alaska, Mother Nature is in charge, no matter when your plane is scheduled to depart. Choices are the key to life, philosophically and physically, in Alaska. Let me help you make the right ones for your journey.

Contact me at MMQuilts @ gmail.com for any assistance you need with quilting in the Last Frontier.