I offer lectures and workshops on self-publishing and video marketing to professionals and I follow them up with tips in newsletter updates.

I have lectured at the Craft and Hobby Mega Show, a trade show for the crafting industry, and at International Quilt Market, a trade show for the quilting industry.

My Self-Publishing Lecture can be specific to many niche audiences. For the crafting and quilting industry I offer Self Publishing for Craft Professionals

It’s the new platform for marketing, teaching, branding and it’s where the money is. Learn specifics and your options from someone who is making a living doing it right now.

Self Publishing for Craft Professionals

Traditional publishing might get you a name, if you do a lot of marketing yourself, but self publishing is where the money is. Learn the ins and outs, the how-to, what to use, what to learn, how to distribute and how much you can expect to earn in this seminar.

If you want better control over your books, the ability to update on the fly, the knowledge of where publishing is headed and how you can catch up to the current norm and prepare for the future, this is your seminar.

You no longer need to find an agent, get a publisher’s approval or come up with $10,000 for a print run. Your options are numerous and the costs are nominal for self publishing. Let me get you on the path of creative and financial freedom through self publishing.

You’ll learn:

Resources for Self Publishing
Who Benefits the Most from Self Publishing
How Much You Can Earn