I make videos of techniques I use, tools and tips, and of the quilt projects from my books. I have over 2 million views to my videos and over 13,000 subscribers on YouTube. If you are a quilter looking for my videos and information about my books, please click here to go to my channel, and look over the playlists for tips, ergonomics and for projects from each of my books.

I have written a book called Show and Sell on YouTube Where your Customers are Searching for You and I offer a lecture for craft professionals about using video for marketing. I have lectured at International Quilt Market and at the Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show.

Marguerita McManus YouTube Channel

Show and Sell on YouTubeIt’s a mind-twisting concept: your customers are searching for YOU. But, you see, they are. They are on YouTube right now searching for everything under the sun.

They are finding videos on crafting tips, how-to’s, tools and other products, and finding people they like.

Are you on YouTube? Do you know it’s rapidly overtaking Google for number of searches?

My book will not only help you navigate getting started on YouTube, it gives tips for making videos, including helping you think of topics for your outstanding videos.
Video Marketing Lecture

Why a video can increase your sales without ever asking anyone to buy anything. Why one video beats all other social marketing combined. For shop owners, authors, teachers, entrepreneurs.

I’ve seen it happen over and over, if you show people, via video, what your book is about, they buy it.

You might think “if I show them, then they won’t need to buy it” but it doesn’t work that way. The people who will never buy aren’t going to get their minds changed, but the people who MIGHT buy have the fear of the unknown taken away when they learn more about the book than what the cover and a short blurb on the back cover can tell them.

That’s why Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature is such a great idea and now Amazon is hosting videos on ITS site. It’s a visual world now. People are watching videos on their phones and buying what they find. Let’s help them find you.